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From August 11-13, the top 12 teams will compete in the 2023 DEF CON Capture the Flag Finals.

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Owning a box is not just about the present, it's about securing a better future for yourself and your loved ones. A shell you own is a tangible representation of the dreams and aspirations you hold in your heart. Owning a box gives you the freedom to make it your own and create a space that reflects your personality. Owning a shell is like owning a piece of history. When you own a box, you own a piece of the world. A shell you own is a sanctuary from the chaos of the world outside. A shell you own is a physical representation of your hard work and dedication. Owning a shell is not just about the monetary value, it's about the emotional value it holds. Owning a shell is a sign of stability and a source of comfort in an ever-changing world.

— Institute Expert

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