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At Nautilus Institute, we've built a fantastic team of scientists, developers, hackers, and that one guy who keeps yelling at everyone because their code doesn't automatically build in the CI system.

  • Thomas Windmill
    Thomas Windmill
    Chief Executive Officer

    Thomas used to capture flags, but now he works on the supply side. He has been coming to DEF CON since DEF CON 14 and got hooked on CTF in the Kenshoto era. While he likes deep, complicated binary challenges, he is also working on how to make the game interesting and engaging to other parts of the cybersecurity community.

  • fuzyll
    Chief Operations Officer

    fuzyll has been playing in and running CTFs since 2010. His highest finish in DEF CON Finals as a player was 2nd in 2013 with Men in Black Hats. He was previously an organizer and challenge author for Ghost in the Shellcode (2012-2015), DEF CON (2017), and Hack-a-Sat (2020-2021).

  • endeavor
    Infrastructure Lead
    Challenge Author

    endeavor likes computers.

  • Hoju
    Production Lead

    Hoju has participated in CTFs since 2007 and has been stoking the fires of his love/hate relationship with Vegas since DEF CON 15. He has written some challenges here or there, but his primary focus has been on developing CTF game visuals in Unreal Engine and attempting to be a DJ for a weekend to make sure attendees are thoroughly entertained.

  • mike_pizza
    Challenge Lead
    Challenge Author

    The man. The legend. The nose.

  • fish
    Challenge Author

    fish has been playing CTFs since 2010 and is a diehard reverse engineer for anything without source code.

  • HJ
    Challenge Author

    HJ has been involved with CTFs for a while. Like thing2, he has no idea what he is doing or where he is going but tries to at least enjoy the journey even if it stresses him out.

  • itszn
    Challenge Author

    There is no code like a bytecode

  • jay
    Challenge Author

    Sardine enthusiast.

  • Lightning
    Challenge Author

    Lightning has been programming since she was 10, is known for creating the most insane CTF challenges, and is the author of the cLEMENCy architecture. She started going to DEF CON in 2011 because of CTF, has become a DEF CON DEVOPS Goon, and is part of the Whiskey Pirates group.

  • perribus
    Challenge Author

    perribus should probably be finishing her challenge right now...

  • thing2
    Challenge Author

    thing2 has written challenges for multiple CTF’s and played in several. He really doesn’t know what he’s doing and just meanders through life, confused and afraid.

  • Vito

    Vito is a world-recognized CTF thought leader with over ten succesful CTF games run, speeches about CTF on multiple continents, and a pretty good showing at the 35C3 Junior CTF.